IFMA’s World Workplace 2018 China

IFMA’s World Workplace 2018 China – An Era of FM- Technology Motivate Innovation!




Val Moraes delivering Keynote Address in Beijing

IFMA’s World Workplace China Conference this year was held in Beijing at the China World Complex on 13th & 14th September 2018.

New Zealand based Val Moraes, Past Chair of FMANZ and Past President of IFMA FM Consultants Council was one of the keynote speakers at this conference. Val delivered Keynote address on day 2 of the conference titled, The Art of Influencing the C Suite – 7 Key Elements to Master the Art – An FM Perspective.

Val’s Message was about the success of facility managers at the C Suite level either as an influencer or as part of the senior leadership team of an organisation. The paper touched on the various skill sets required by facilities managers to be influential within the C suite.

The 7 Key elements or headliners that were discussed as part of the presentation included the following

  1. The Burning Desire For Success
  2. To be perceived as part of the C Suite & not be daunted to be part of it
  3. Demonstrate the skills as leader, crisis handler, negotiator, believer.
  4. Political Savviness – to work around the egos and personalities within organisations
  5. The 5 Dimensional Manager – Design, Data, Diagnostics, Decision Maker, Disruptor,
  6. Personal Brand – Credibility, Trust, Charisma
  7. Networker/NetWeaver – Connector. Mover & Shaker

His key message was that all Facilities Managers have the potential to become either part of the C Suite or close enough to the C Suite to influence decision makers. “All it needs of the individual is ability, ambition, integrity and determination to get there, come what may.”

One of the other highlights of this conference was the presentation from the Beijing Development Authority whose message was about the Beijing economy and their development programme which was being directed towards slowing down with the purpose of consolidating in the larger interest of the people and infrastructure and the health and well being of its people.This is a conscious and deliberate effort by the Beijing Development Authority to focus on improving the infrastructure and improving the air quality for the betterment of their people. It is a very interesting shift and perspective for people who have been pushing hard to creating large developments at a fast pace.

Interesting FM Snippet from Shanghai

An interesting observation made while at the Shanghai Railway Station waiting to  board the high speed  bullet train (350 kph) heading to Beijing. The Wash Rooms within the Shanghai Railway Terminus are maintained in a very clean and tidy condition and have cleaners in attendance all the times. Each of the Wash Room areas both Men and Women have a electronic display near to the entry to the  wash room areas indicating vacant and occupied cubicles.

Electronic display outside washroom

Electronic Display outside Washroom Facilities at Shanghai Railway Terminus-vacant/occupied status of cubicles

A lot of thought is also given to the size of each of the cubicles which are designed in a way that you can actually roll in the baggage trolleys into the cubicles without worrying about the security aspect of your bags while you are in there.